Statement of women advocacy committee

In relation to terrorist attack on the maternity hospital in Kabul, the attack on the funeral prayer in Nangarhar and also the attack on the convoy of security forces in Laghman province.


The terrorist group attacked on the (100-beds maternity hospital of Dasht-e-Berchi) hospital in the western part of Kabul, assassinated pregnant women and their new born babies, was the most atrocious and inhumane form of terrorist attack against defenseless civilians.


In all religious principles and values, especially in the principles of the holy religion of Islam, human rights and laws of warfare, any attack on defenseless civilians and places like hospitals, such as the assassination of vulnerable women and children, is a barbaric act and a war crime which needs to be investigated seriously. This attack clearly demonstrates that these terrorist groups (Taliban and ISIS) do not believe in neither religious principles nor in basic human rights.


Continuing with their past crimes, yesterday they committed a horrific and unforgivable deed. The same goes for their attack on the funeral in Nangarhar which caused the death of a mass number of unarmed civilians, their attack on the convoy of security forces, and the martyrdom of dozens of people during the holy month of Ramadan. The Women Advocacy group condemning these terrorist attacks, called the attack on the 100 bed maternity hospital a clear example of the war crimes that these terrorist groups commit and calls on the international community, the countries of the region, the Organization of Islamic States, the War Crimes Tribunal and human rights groups to put an end to their silence on the ruthless assassination of the Afghan people and take action to condemn these acts and to investigate for further and ultimate clarification.


We call on the government of the United States of America, as a donor country to Afghanistan and a key party in the peace process with Taliban, to not remain silent regarding the Taliban’s crimes and to put an end to the war and to their crimes. We call on the government of Afghanistan and its officials to put an end to the totalitarianism, corruption and inadequacy in the country and to punish the people whose negligence and collusion have allowed these attacks to take place and to introduce them to the public


The people of Afghanistan’s patience and tolerance for inadequacy, injustice and corruption in the government has come to end and they are weary of living in these circumstances. We believe that such consecutive attacks are carried out with the involvement of officials from within the system who are only in the system as a consequence of their ethnic orientation and corruption. Until the system is cleansed from these traitors and corrupt people, unfortunately, these war crimes and atrocities will continue to plague the country and would result that people being powerless against losing their loved ones’ lives in these terrorist attacks.


Afghanistan is on the verge of peace with the peace negotiations, but with totalitarianism, incompetence, and injustice in the system, on the one hand, and threat that the Taliban pose, on the other, the future of these negotiations seems bleak for the people. It is important not to forget all the aspects of the warfare, human norms, human rights and the protection of the defenseless civilians in society, especially the women and children. It is also time for the Council of Islamic scholars of Afghanistan and other Islamic countries and organizations to take a clear and unequivocal stand against the terrorist groups such as the Taliban and ISIS, in order to prevent these groups from recruiting the ignorant youth of these afflicted Islamic countries.

Once again, while condemning these crimes, we call on the government of Afghanistan and the leadership of the Afghan government to renounce the totalitarianism and authoritarianism prevalent in the country and to take effective and transparent actions to review their policies of war and peace in the current situation.


Women Advocacy Group,5/13/2020 Kabul-Afghanistan