Research Training on girls Education (Malala Fund)

Day one: Training has been started with introduction of field researches and participant of the
training from six provinces ( Kabul, Kandahar, Parwan, Balkh, Nangerhar, and Bakhshan)
province, which was shortly started by introduction of the program (Malala Fund) the
partners who would be involved in this program and where we would conduct the research,
importance of Education, Education strategy of Afghanistan and its millennium development
goal has been highlighted. The training was focused on Research Methodology, Methods and
techniques of data collection, Ethics of field researcher and attitudes toward approaching the
target group.
On day two of the training: which mostly practical and screening of the questionnaires to
further familiarise the researchers to the type of questions, and the focus groups in order to
ease and to better facilitate to prevent any sort of confusions while doing in the field.
Each of the participants played the role of field researcher and another correspondent by their
term and three of the new candidates played the role of person who would conduct the Focus
groups discussions.
At the end of the two days training, everyone was briefed and responded to their questions
regarding the set of questionnaires and as well as about selection of the target groups in the
The team was assigned to do a pre-test before starting actual practice in the field so that
further figure out any possible challenges in any points.

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