Research Report on Role of EVAW Commissions in addressing Sexual Harassment

Following the productive advocacy meeting with HPC’s Secretariat on Oct 8, WCLRF held the
Advocacy Committee’s coordination meeting at WCLRF’s main office on October 11, 2017. The
meeting intended to mainly focus on HPC’s commitments to increase women’s participation in
the peace process and the establishment of the Women's Advisory Board within HPC structure.
Considering HPC’s request to identify and share the list of 30 qualified women to be included in
the board, the committee members discussed the issue and developed the list accordingly. The
list is to be shared with HPC’s secretariat in the near future. The Women’s Advisory Board,
combining the First Lady’s Office, Presidential and CEO Advisers, the Ministry of Women's
Affairs, members of the National Assembly, the High Peace Council, and civil society will be
established within HPC structure to address women’s poor participation and to effectively
counteract the crises and challenges women face at local and national levels.