Research on sexual harassment against women in public place,work place and educational institution of Afghanistan

Sexual harassment is one of the most ominous social phenomenon and a vicious element in Afghanistan and will fall the society into brick if not prevented. Sexual harassment, in any form, is against humanity and destroys social safety. Psychological relaxation, in particular social safety for women plays a critical role in advancement of women and brings positive changes to move forward. Creating safety and relaxation needs recognition of causes of its destruction and particularly in this case needs recognition of sexual harassment. However, a part of work is theoretical; but a major part of the issue relates to reality and should be recognized according to existing facts in Afghan society. The research is conducted on sexual harassment against women and girls.

This quantitative and qualitative research by WCLRF on sexual harassment covers different aspects of sexual harassment against women and girls in Afghanistan. The research identifies causes of sexual harassment through library studies and a data collection mainly focuses on sexual harassment phenomenon reality in Afghanistan. Data analysis evaluated different forms of sexual harassment; occurrence and consequences. Conclusion explains report summary and it ended with recommendations.

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