National conference report

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF)
conducted conference to disseminate the findings and solution ways suggested in the research report about preventing sexual harassment against women and girls in Afghanistan. This research was conducted with qualitative method was applied in this research with participation of 15 victims, 15 service providers and 15 from duty-bearer from Kabul, Kapisa, Balkh, Qandahar and Nangarhar. The main objective of this activity was to share the basic findings of the research report, ask the participants’ recommendation and present suggestions recommended to different governmental and non-governmental organizations and donor countries on February 18, 2014. Totally 50 people from Ministry of Justice, Ministry of women affairs, presidency office, supreme court, AIHRC, lower house of parliament, Afghanistan, Administrative Affair’s office, USIP, JSSP, OSA, AWN, and national media representatives had participated in the conference. The findings of this research report is going to be published in order to design suitable solutions against sexual harassment, amendment of panel code, strengthening of anti-harassment regulation and providing anti-harassment policy.