Gender Equality and Women Empowerment program

Advocacy for Women’s Advancement, Rights and Development (AWARD) Project 

The program goal is for women (12,000) from vulnerable households in Kabul to be economically, socially and civically empowered.

The impact group, defined by CARE as those individuals who will ultimately experience the impact, is women and girls from vulnerable households, such as widows, divorcees, women with addicted or disabled husbands, women in poor economic conditions, and women lacking essential legal services and opportunities.

The project’s targeted location is 6 districts (1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13)  of Kabul city

  • With three rural districts (Bagrami, Farza and Mir Bacha Kot) where the current phase of the project is being implemented.
  • Also the project aims to expand its geographic coverage to two additional districts of Kabul city (17 and 18).

AWARD Project Outcomes:

  1. Women’s agency is strengthened, including a stronger voice and meaningful participation, and greater economic independence.
  2. Women are supported by the men in their communities, including male leaders;
  3. Women-led CSOs have increased ability to influence public decision-making processes, through enhanced credibility and technical capacity, and stronger collective action.
Advocacy Training for Deh Yahya_ 17/1/2021