Engendering the Peace Process through Meaningful Engagement of Women

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation )WCLRF( conduted a conference through which unveiled the guideline titled: “Engendering the Peace Process through Meaningful Engagment of Women”. The guideline which was developed based on WCLRF:2015 research report, in addition to identifying the challenges, models of inclusion in other countries, and success stories of women , present cruicial recommendation to increase women’s participation in the peace process.
In this conference, after presenting the guideline by Mr. Mohammad Ali Fakur, Mrs. Zarqa Yaftali, WCLRF director, Mr. Zia Moballegh, HBS- Afghanistan director, Mrs. Habiba Sarabi, deputy of HPC, Mr. Riaz Sediqi, Mrs. Samira Hamidi and Mrs. Humaira Saqib, civil rights activists talked about their organizations’ comitments to support and implement the guideline. The speakers also talked about the importance of empowering women and their contribution to peace-related initiatives.

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