Conference regarding the findings of a research Report on “Participation of Women in the Peace Process”

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) along with other activities and research on women and children rights, currently conducted a research aiming to evaluate the role of women participation in the peace process, understating of the patterns of participation, women’s requests and suggestions for the peace process. This study was a qualitative research conducted in Kabul, Badakhshan, Balkh, and Nangarhar provinces. The participants of this research was from governmental authorities and experts in the field of peace studies such as member of peace high council, members of provincial peace committees, civil society activists, lectures and other participants they were attended in dialogues sessions and events related to peace buildings.

The findings of this research shows that ,without considering the interest of different categories of people especially the role of women in the peace process that  peace will not be pervasive, stable and permanent. This is because women along with other categories of society faced challenges and pains more than others. Women have rights to participate in national landmarks events such as peace process; they can participate effectively in the peace process, their rights must  accepted as fundamental right, the peace process should create limitation for women.

This research report evaluated the challenges of women in the peace process and finally proposed the best solutions on active participation of women in this vital process.

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