Conference on disseminating the Findings of the Report on Role of EVAW Commissions in addressing Sexual Harassment in Afghanistan

To improve the EVAW commissions’ role in tackling sexual harassment and to share the research findings, WCLRF held a provincial conference in Herat province on December 16, 2017. In this conference, the EVAW commission members including governor deputy, head of DoWA, Balkh Provincial Council, CSOs and media had participated. Thanking the participants and sharing WCLRF’s major achievements in regard with tackling sexual harassment, Mr. Zabihullah Jawad, WCLRF’s legal advisor, shared the research report’s findings and its recommendations.

During the panel discussions, Mrs. Monisa Hassanzada, the governor deputy, Mrs. Aziza Karimi, head of DoWA, head of department of Justice, Mr. Rahimi, head of AIHRC’s sub-office, head of Haj and Awqaf and Mr. Pedram, a member of provincial council expressed their strong support and committing in tackling sexual harassment and implementing the findings and recommendations of the research report. “I really appreciate the efforts made by WCLRF in conjuction with sexual harassment, especially their effective in drafting the Ant-harassment regulation and cooperation with Parliament in finalizing the Anti-Harassment against Women and  Children Law,” said Mrs. Hassan Zada. She also added that in order to effectively fight against sexual harassment, a strong working group including families, governmental and non-governmental organizations must be established and oral commitments must be put in action.

The panelists in addition to affirming the research’s findings, expressed their support and commitment in creating a violence-free environment both in families and communities for women and girls. The event followed by question and answer session and concluding speeches by the panelists.