Bad Painful Sedative

About the project
The Foundation as a newly-established but totally committed institution decided to take a practical action in disclosing one of the worst social injustices that is inflicted upon our sisters in thename of a tradition.10Yes! This tradition is called “Bad”. It is apparently one of the best conflict resolution and peace-building mechanisms between two tribes or families, but is a real practical form of the exploitation of women and children as slaves. “Bad, a Painful Tranquiliser” is a report prepared by the Women and Children Legal Research Foundation. This report was once developed as a preliminary report based on limited data collected from Kabul City outskirts, which was fortunately interesting to a
large number of readers. “Bad, a Painful Tranquiliser” provides a description on women’s
and children’s pains and sufferings that are caused as a result of customary practices. The present report has been written on the basis of a research conducted by the Foundation in over 10 Afghan provinces. This report has been drafted by a group of researchers including Judge Nafisa Kabuli, Abdul Hamid Razaq, Niloofar Qadiri and Maliha Mir and finalised by Hangama Anwari. We also acknowledge the HBF for their generous support and assistance in completing the present report.

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