Awareness Raising


Women and Children Legal Research Foundation) WCLRF(conducted different awareness raising programs. For better implementation of these programs, the program’s purpose, the subject and title, the level of training sessions, and duration of awareness raising were determined by WCLRF team. WCLRF also have conducted different types of educational and capacity building programs such as daily programs, monthly programs and annual programs.  In the awareness raising sessions- the type of program, the quality of each program were based on the necessity and scheme of expertise).

In addition, the organization has conducted different types of awareness raising programs such as, conducting conferences at national,  provincial and regional levels and conducting awareness raising programs through Mullah’s of mosques especially, on Friday prayer’s speeches. Further, a series of roundtable discussion sat different levels, were conducted by WCLF. Meanwhile, the organization has conducted one-day, two-day and three-day awareness raising trainings for specific beneficiaries based on the selected subjects. Other activities include conducting Focus Group Discussions and consultation meetings.

Similarly, WCLRF, conducted awareness raising through broadcasting spots, billboards, distribution of brochures, posters, and calendar which contain the messages on women and children rights.


  1. Training manual on method of research for social sciences area.
  2. Training manual on method of research for local researchers.
  3. Training manual on methods of legal research, especially one limitation of violence against women from religious and legal perspectives.
  4. Training manual on adoption of gender mainstreaming issues in Afghan national economic policy.
  5. Training manual on women’s economic empowerment and allocation of budget for gender issues.
  6. Training manual on role of inheritance on long-term progress of women’s lives.
  7. Educational handbook on role of  Mullas (religious people) and marriage registration officer on women’s economic empowerment.).
  8. Educational handbook on the elimination of sexual harassment against women and girls.