Awareness Raising training sessions for 300 women

WCLRF conducted 10 training sessions for 300 women from Balkh and Nangarhar on December 2016 to January 2017. The training sessions addressed a wide range of women participants including youths, women’s rights activists and governmental staff. The main objective of the training sessions was to enable women to fight for their fundamental rights, especially their political rights and their inclusion in the peace processes. Besides, they were taught about the contents of a manual to understand the basic definition of peace, the role of women in this process and how best they would impact on the consequences of local peace-building initiatives. The participants greatly welcomed the sessions, promising to spread the message of the session in their communities and contribute to development issues, especially with respect to the local peace initiatives. The trainer conducted pre and post assessment to evaluate the level of awareness of the participants before and after conducting the training. And as our evaluation forms show, enormous changes came about directly after teaching the training materials.

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