Awareness raising session on sexual harassment

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) in coordination with Law department of Kabul University (KU) held an awareness raising session for newly-enrolled students on Sep 12, 2017 in KU’s auditorium. In this session Mrs. Shahla Farid, KU’s law and political science professor and Mr. Mohammad Ali Fakur, WCLRF’s advocacy manager gave speeches on various aspects of sexual harassment including its nature, causes, consequences as well as its criminalization.

Mrs. Farid defined sexual harassment as perilous social disease and urged students to combat against negative, misogynistic thoughts and deeds regarding women. following that, Mr. Fakur highlighted WCLRF’s and other CSO’s achievements in this regard, saying: “A sick society produces sick individuals and it is the responsibility of academics to transform this society into a more tolerable and humane for all.” He also added added that the efforts have been made so far is by no means adequate and the extent of the SH remains highly strong. Eliminating sexual harassment needs collective efforts and the universities are the most appropriate places through which we can meet this idealism.

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