Seizing the Vote ( Report )

Women and children legal research foundation done a research in ten province of Afghanistan  (Kabul, Balkh, Heart, Badakhshan, Kondoz, Bamyan, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Kapisa, and Midanwardak) With the financial Support of Open Society Afghanistan(OSA),This Research report entitled: “The right to vote” (women Political participation in Afghanistan) this research report points to important issues such as  Women political participation issues ,manner and participation of women in elections  and reaction of women according to the women political participation and nomination of women in the elections . sample size for this research is 2900 commend women and 100 women from parliament ,provincial council and those women which were candidate in the election but not passed .

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Community Mobilizer (Re announced )

Job Title: Community Mobilizer (Only in Charkent)
Duty station: Balkh province
Position available: 1 Positions
Requesting Agency: WCLRF
Payment: According to the standards of the WCLRF
Announcing Date: 24/08/2017
Closing Date: 28/08/2017
Job Type: Full Time

About the Organization:
Women & Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) was established in March 2003. WCLRF is focused in the area of research, advocacy and raising awareness with the aim of reducing violence against women and improving their skills and knowledge for equal social and political participation both at local and national levels.
So far WCLRF’s activities are covering provinces of Kabul, Parwan, Balkh, Badakhshan, Heart ,Kandahar and Nangarhar both urban and rural area and planning to expand its presence in other provinces of the country. WCLRF has its main office in Kabul and have 2 small offices in Balkh and Nangarhar.
This particular announcement is to recruit one officer to lead the project on combating Sexual Exploitation and harassment against women and girls, with primer focus in developing policy and raise awareness.
The Project Officer will play an instrumental role in ensuring the successful completion of the project milestones within budget. In general, the Project officer will be in charge of managing all staff on the project; ensuring the quality control of all outputs; developing and maintaining relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders; and donor reporting. The successful management of the project will lead to the creation of a support network to adopt a legislative provision and policy on sexual harassment in Afghanistan, as well as, implement some pilot activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• To be active within local community networks already or willing to become active in representing community groups in selected areas.
• To assist with developing links for those groups who may be under-represented in terms of accessing services or isolated due to a rural location
• To liaise with exiting local networks and promote our services to help map and record community organizations operating in the field.
• Help the coordinator and project team to identify and support new groups so we can meet emerging local needs based on the contacts you have made.
• To produce a regular “Community Mobiliser Dialogue Report” to record what groups are saying in area.
• To identify training needs of voluntary and community groups and refer groups to in-house training program where appropriate
• To signpost groups with funding issues so that further support can be provided to groups and assistance given with the funding process
• To work with key local partners to promote all targeted Community
• To support community consultations and talk to groups as appropriate.
• Attend partnership meetings as appropriate.
• To be willing to represent Community First at local events. Keen to embrace social media opportunities to promote community dialogue in the field.
Qualifications and Competencies:
1. Bachelor Degree in a social science, Bachelor of law and political Science is preferably.
2. Minimum of 3-years’ experience in managing projects in the private or public sectors.
3. Motivation and interests in human rights and women’s rights projects in Afghanistan
4. Ability to communicate and work with members of the public, government, CDC, DDA and other NGO’s representatives.
5. Ability to facilitate discussions as well as lead meetings with such individuals on matters of training and advocacy to achieve the expected result of the project.

Special Skill:

1. Ability to manage time and work effectively without constant supervision.
2. Good organization, planning and problem solving skill.
3. Good communication skills
4. Methodical and disciplined approach to work.
5. Flexible and capable with an ability to work under pressure
6. Ability to work as a team member, demonstrating patience to manage priorities
7. Cooperation with other staff.

1. Only short listed candidates will call for interview
2. Please insert Job title in subject line of your email.
3. The application could be submitted through :

a. Email address:
b. House # 432, Street 5th , Deh naw, Deh Bori, Kabul, Afghanistan

Advocacy committee’s coordination meeting

Following the advocacy meeting of the Advocacy Committee for Increasing Women’s Participation in the Peace Process with HPC’s secretariat, WCLRF facilitated a coordination meeting between the committee members on May 30, 2017 at AWN’s main office. The meeting aimed to discuss and set the selection criteria of qualified candidates to be included in the HPC’s structure, and to finalize the list of qualified candidates for their inclusion in Provincial Peace Committees as well as to introduce the qualified candidates to HPC before June 01, 2017.
During the meeting the committee members discussed and finalized the criteria and based on those criteria, five people were nominated as the secretariat’s advisor and four people as head of office. Finally, it was decided that the nominees must send their CVs to WCLRF by the end of today and WCLRF will share it with HPC’s secretariat

Advocacy Committee’s Bi-monthly Coordination Meeting

The first bi-monthly coordination meeting of Advocacy Committee for Increasing Women’s Participation in the Peace Process was held at WCLRF’s main office on April 24, 2017. The meeting generally aimed to coordinate between members of the advocacy committee and to introduce the new members to the committee and its mandates and most importantly to determine the committee’s future activities.
The committee members agreed to contemplate on the title and contents of the Women’s manifesto on Peace, Security and Political Participation which is intended to be developed for the candidates of the upcoming parliamentary elections. All the same, the participants talked on the committee’s brief note which is about to be shared with the state officials and emphasized that the proposed issues must be clear, exact and to the point in order to have their commitments in the aftermath. They promised to give their comments within a week.


Districts Seminar