Advocacy is a mechanism through which the CSOs, social and political activists, and other existed structures make efforts to bring about various changes considering their common dreams and peoples’ good. Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) too played its part to reinstate a free-violence society, secure women and girls’ rights, advocate for policy changes and implementations with respect to the legal and jurisprudential and humanitarian rights. WCLRF has made efficient advocacy efforts on various topics at community, provincial and national levels since its establishment in 2003. The organization has exploited different approaches and methods to achieve the below achievements:
1. Advocate for women’s access to economic rights (Mahr, inheritance, alimony and property);
2. Advocate for women’s access to education;
3. Advocate for enacting family law;
4. Advocate for coordination against sexual harassment;
5. Advocate for women’s political participation in Afghanistan;
6. Advocate for increasing women’s participation in the peace process.