Advocacy meeting with Lower of House of Parliament

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation –WCLRF facilitated an advocacy meeting between the “Advocacy Committee for Increasing Women’s Participation in the Peace Process” with National Assembly’s Commission on Women & Human Rights on October 8, 2017. The meeting was convened to share the committee members’ concerns and recommendation with Women and Human Rights commission as well as to harmonize all initiatives in conjunction to women, peace and security. During the meeting the committee members shared the committee’s recommendations and urged the commission to: a) make more efforts to implement the recommendations of WCLRF’s guideline; b) use the research findings in the formulation of rules, regulations and policies; c) Increase pressure on NUG to implement the National Action Plan for the 1325 resolution; and d) harmonize all activities related to women, peace and security.

Welcoming the advocacy committee’s recommendations, Mrs. Fawzia Koofi, chair of National Assembly’s Commission on Women and Human Rights said that the commission has already submitted a similar concept note to the HPC asking its leadership to make more efforts in terms of women’s meaningful participation. To this end and in order to involve more women in the HPC, she recommended that the commission with technical support from the advocacy committee must hold a joint meeting with National Security Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and HPC through which each party could provide updates of their accomplishments and review the existing challenges lay ahead of women



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