Advocacy Meeting with HPC’s Secretariat

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation –WCLRF facilitated the second advocacy meeting between the “Advocacy Committee for Increasing Women’s Participation in the Peace Process” and HPC’s secretariat on October 8, 2017. The event meant to follow-up the commitments made by HPC’s secretariat as well as to discuss the Women’s Advisory Board –which is about to be established within HPC’s structure. During this meeting the committee members shared their concerns and recommendations with respect to women’s rights and ignoring their participation during peace negotiations and other relevant initiatives.

Emphasizing his previous commitments, Mr. Akram Khpalwak, head of HPC’s secretariat reaffirmed that HPC is committed to taking all the concerns of the advocacy committee and women seriously and making every efforts to address their challenges accordingly. In regard to increasing the number of women in HPC’s new composition, he added that there are 12 women as HPC’s members and advisors, four women as executive members and two women in the secretariat –in addition to secretariat’s advisor who will be newly recruited- representing women’s interests for good. He added that the HPC intends to establish The Women’s Advisory Board, combining the First Lady’s Office, Presidential and CEO Advisers, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, members of the National Assembly, the High Peace Council, and civil society in order to effectively counteract the crises and challenges women face at local and national levels. The last, he asked the advocacy committee to identify and share the list of 30 qualified women to be included in the board and to timely and effectively voice women’s concerns and challenges.


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