Advocacy meeting on 17th July, 2019

WCLRF organized its first meeting with the advocacy Group of Every Voice Count Project on 17th July, 2019.  The meeting was conducted at the main campus of WCLRF, and 18 participants from the implementing agencies of EVC have participated including Civil Society members who have active membership of advocacy Committees.

Throughout the meeting, the major activities of 2019 of EVC Program have been presented and explained to the meeting participants, and simultaneously, the meeting participants worked on plane for Advocacy Association, established a bilateral cooperation mechanism, and discussed the role of Advocacy Association in terms of exploring the objectives of EVC Programs in the targeted provinces.  The participants considered the role of Advocacy Association of EVC program as stepping stone to increase the meaningful participation of women at local level, and the participants have also demonstrated commitment to support the Advocacy activities at National and Local level whenever required.


In addition to the above discussions, discussing the capacity building session or the Advocacy Association was also the essential part of the meeting, and the date, time and venue for the next meeting was assigned and confirmed with the consultation of meeting participants.