64th report of Parwan Provincial EVAW commission

By the facilitation of WCLRF’s legal adviser, the 64th Parwan Provincial EVAW commission meeting was held on 29th July, 2018 (according to 7th Asad 1397) with the presence of 20 persons, under the chairmanship of Provincial governor, General Fazil udin Ayyar in the DoWA’s office. During the meeting, following up on the decision of the past sessions, the report on the activities of the agencies about fighting violence against women, how to conduct the meetings of Elimination of the Persecution of Women and Children’s Commission and merging that with the meetings of EVAW commission according to MoWA’s instruction, conducting public awareness sessions in universities for the Law and Sharia’s students, were discussed and effective decisions were made to optimize the process of handling cases of violence against women and preventing increased violence against women and the responsibilities of the member offices were specified according to their working field.