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About the WCLRF

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) was registered as a non- governmental organization (NGO) on March 2002 through Ministry of Economy. It is a women rights defender and research organization. It carries on research on women and children issues, raise awareness on women and girls empowerment, publish research reports, policies and awareness raising materials and conduct advocacy to influence policy makers towards women benefits and rights. . WCLRF’s Central office is located in Kabul and has two sub offices in Balkh and Nangarhar provinces.


A just society for all where the citizens especially women and children know their fundamental rights and practice their rights freely..


Creation of a safe and peaceful environment through empowering women & children:
We understand and realize the mission of WCLRF as follow;
  1-To find and analyze the root causes of problems of women and children;
  2- To mobilize women to work strategically for solving problems;
  3- To raise awareness;
  4- To facilitate dialogues on women and children rights;
  5- To advocate for change..