Round-table Discussion:

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) conducted a roundtable discussion with the member of CSOs on 20/07/2107 in WCLRF- HQ office. The main purpose of this session was to identify training issues, capacity building and effective role of CSOs on institutionalization of inclusive governance and to increase the inclusive participation of women in decision-making process. In addition, the facilitator and participants discussed on  political, cultural and social situations of women, the action of governmental authorities and CSOs for strengthening of inclusive governance particularly women’s empowerment, participation of women in decision-making process, challenges, solution and recommendation.

Training session on increasing women’s role in peace process

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation –WCLRF held a one-day training session on Increasing Women’s role in peace process on July 10, 2017. The event meant to build capacities and raise awareness on the content of WCLRF’s guideline as well as on the importance of women’s role in the peace and security process. HPC’s new members, former PPC members and probable parliamentary candidates were the training participants who are directly involved in women and peace issues at both local and national levels.

The participants were taught about the findings of WCLRF’s 2015 research report and 2016 guideline, methods of advocacy for peace-building and conflict-resolution, the importance of women’s participation in the peace and security processes. Meanwhile, the participants discussed the problems and challenges ahead of women and how they contribute to peace initiatives at national and local levels.

WCLRF succeeded to receive the appreciation certificate

Good News!!

WCLRF succeeded to receive the appreciation certificate awarded and fulfilled the set of criteria by Afghanistan Institute of Civil Society. The assessment criteria included Project management and implementation, financial and interior management, strategic planning, foreign relations, communication and human resource. WCLRF management would like to thank and congratulate this achievement to all staff and employee whose efforts have ended up with such wonderful achievement.

Engendering the Peace Process through Meaningful Engagement of Women

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation )WCLRF( conduted a conference through which unveiled the guideline titled: “Engendering the Peace Process through Meaningful Engagment of Women”. The guideline which was developed based on WCLRF:2015 research report, in addition to identifying the challenges, models of inclusion in other countries, and success stories of women , present cruicial recommendation to increase women’s participation in the peace process.
In this conference, after presenting the guideline by Mr. Mohammad Ali Fakur, Mrs. Zarqa Yaftali, WCLRF director, Mr. Zia Moballegh, HBS- Afghanistan director, Mrs. Habiba Sarabi, deputy of HPC, Mr. Riaz Sediqi, Mrs. Samira Hamidi and Mrs. Humaira Saqib, civil rights activists talked about their organizations’ comitments to support and implement the guideline. The speakers also talked about the importance of empowering women and their contribution to peace-related initiatives.

Advocacy committee’s coordination meeting

Following the advocacy meeting of the Advocacy Committee for Increasing Women’s Participation in the Peace Process with HPC’s secretariat, WCLRF facilitated a coordination meeting between the committee members on May 30, 2017 at AWN’s main office. The meeting aimed to discuss and set the selection criteria of qualified candidates to be included in the HPC’s structure, and to finalize the list of qualified candidates for their inclusion in Provincial Peace Committees as well as to introduce the qualified candidates to HPC before June 01, 2017.
During the meeting the committee members discussed and finalized the criteria and based on those criteria, five people were nominated as the secretariat’s advisor and four people as head of office. Finally, it was decided that the nominees must send their CVs to WCLRF by the end of today and WCLRF will share it with HPC’s secretariat

Advocacy Committee’s Bi-monthly Coordination Meeting

The first bi-monthly coordination meeting of Advocacy Committee for Increasing Women’s Participation in the Peace Process was held at WCLRF’s main office on April 24, 2017. The meeting generally aimed to coordinate between members of the advocacy committee and to introduce the new members to the committee and its mandates and most importantly to determine the committee’s future activities.
The committee members agreed to contemplate on the title and contents of the Women’s manifesto on Peace, Security and Political Participation which is intended to be developed for the candidates of the upcoming parliamentary elections. All the same, the participants talked on the committee’s brief note which is about to be shared with the state officials and emphasized that the proposed issues must be clear, exact and to the point in order to have their commitments in the aftermath. They promised to give their comments within a week.